Room transformed with paint and wallpaper

Changing the color of your wall is one of the quickest and easiest ways to transform your
space’s decor. Thinking about it, in partnership with Branco. Wallpaper and the Home Stories
blog, we, using just the walls, helped Larissa Dare make a big change in her apartment. Take a
look at how the room used to be:
And that’s how she got after:
Amazing right? Larissa is a photographer and likes to be always changing the decoration of the
house. “The references are changing, the repertoires are expanding, and suddenly I seem to be
in another house”, he jokes. With this open mind to the constant transformations of life, she
enthusiastically received the idea of bringing more colors to her living room.
Professional painting service
The room’s colors were defined thinking of the wallpaper that, with a print inspired by the
Atlantic Forest, adds nature to an environment inserted in the city of São Paulo. This
combination of colors and prints brought to the environment the feeling that the landscape
extrapolates the print and takes over the room.
The colors chosen to compose this warm, welcoming and tropical environment were Cashmere
and Terra Roxa, which with the painting done on the half wall, gave even more emphasis to
Larissa’s plants and affectionate pieces, in addition to creating a more harmonious and